Sunday, February 4, 2007

What is a Blogcamp?

BlogCamp is a free unconference focusing exclusively on blogging, organized by bloggers for bloggers. It‘s built upon the principles of the famous BarCamp (ad-hoc unconference) focussed on sharing, learning and new ideas.

Let's start with Unconference: No it's not a spelling mistake, it is unconference and as you might have guessed it just opposite of a conference. So there is no audience to start with and you cant give a speech. Wait a minute there is no audience and no speech then what do people do?? There is no audience there are only participants and they don't give speeches they share their knowledge. The environment is very informal and leads a lot of discussions.

Barcamp is an ad-hoc unconference where you don't have a predefined theme and topics of discussion. People use wiki to post their likings and what they will be sharing. Then on the day of camp campers share their knowledge, they give demos of their work and discuss with other campers.

Blogcamp is an unconference focusing exclusively on Blogging. I think this line makes much more sense now. So Blogcamp is all of the above but limited to blogs and bloggers.

I hope I have made the idea of Bogcamp a little clearer.