Friday, June 15, 2007

I Am At Blogcamp Pune (Virtually)

Just my way of sending greetings and good wishes to
all the organisers and bloggers attending the Camp...

Dear Blogcamp Pune attendees :
by taking part in this 'Unconference' today June 16th 2007,
you have created and become a part of Pune history. As I
send this message to you from Texas in the USA,
I am of
course saddened that I could not be a part of this
moment in my hometown's development. But more,
I am
that the future of Indian blogging is in good shape.

Why ? Because you are mostly young, eager, ambitious,
brilliant and seeking to create a market for bloggers in a
country that has nowhere to go but forward.

I have no technical knowledge of what goes into the creation
and marketing of a successful blog even after two years of
steady blogging, but I do know that without readers a blog is
worthless, and the only way to get people to read your blog
is to give them the content they came for with a respectful,
accurate and consistent number of posts. Anything that your
mother wouldn't read in public is probably not worth writing
about. Edit and revise your posts because that is your
privilege as the blog owner. Offer comments on other blogs
and positive comments will find their way to you.

Perhaps some of you will become seasoned and respected
bloggers worldwide, while others may just move on to other
entrepreunerial things. But I sincerely believe none of you will
ever forget this day, so enjoy it, learn from it and may you be
blessed with success in all your life's undertakings.

Shukriya, Shabaash, and..... Go Pune !!