Friday, February 9, 2007

Get blogging!

So, the question that comes up very often in any individual's mind who has heard of blogging is that why should people be blogging? Why should I write, I am not a writer? or Look, blogging is all about making yourself famous over the web, I dont want to be famous, this whole Web 2.0 stuff is bull shit!(this was the response of one of the managers at my company whom I was trying to convince for blogging).

Well, people should be blogging because if they feal concerned about anything thats happening around and no one seem to be listening to them, than a blog is the best way for expressing and creating an audiance.
Or, if you think your life is interesting and worth sharing...just blog,believe me its better way, pardon your freinds who are tired of hearing your same old story .. they will be happy by following it via your blog :)
Or just blog for the sake of blogging... atleast read blog... this is the most interesting thing on the web!
I am sure there 1000 better way to answer the questions... but the point is just Blog!

My question: what should bloggers be discussing in BlogCamp Pune?