Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blogging for an audience of 'one'

Sometimes when I talk to people about blogging, a very common question I am asked is:

but there is so much stuff on the Internet anyways... who will read my blog?

and my answer usually is, even if no one reads your blog, it will still have an audience of at least one person - you. Think about it, when you make notes in a class, do you do it because someone else is going to read those notes? No... they are for yourself. When you write a journal, or just some thoughts on a peice of paper, do you write for anyone else to read? No... they are again for yourself. So why should anyone get discouraged from blogging because they do not yet have an audience?

Your thoughts, ideas, and perspectives are part of your creative output, which needs to get expressed. Different people express their creativity in different ways: writing, painting, making, music... and blogging is one of the several ways for your creativity to manifest.

And you never know... you just might get an audience...

Before I conclude this post, I must say one thing: do not feel compelled to blog because it's the in thing, or you somehow feel that you have to blog because your friends are blogging. It's more of a calling... if you feel the calling you will start to create and share.