Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Let's keep this platform alive... contd.

Here's the second thing.

In BlogCampPune, we had a discussion on old vs. new media. I think it was a very important as well as a relevant discussion. This blog can serve as an extended platform to continue such discussions on the impact of blogging on society, journalism, education, etc.

BlogCampPune had a very good mix of techies and journalists. I think both have a unique and an important perspective to blogging and it's implications.

I personally do not think blogging is a threat to traditional newspaper houses. Just like television did not kill the radio, blogging will not kill the newspaper. But blogging WILL have an impact on how newspaper houses deliver their news.

There is much that can be said and discussed. Those who wish to participate can do so here, or on their own blogs and simply mail the links on the newsgroup or put them up as comments to a relevant post.

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