Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bloggers Lunch Pune

The beautiful city of Pune makes me wonder why am I not staying there? Everytime I visit that place I find more reasons to love it. This time there were 15 more reasons, the 15 amazing bloggers I met at the Bloggers Lunch Pune. I knew I had to be in Pune this weekend so, I called up Rohit and asked him if we can meet over lunch and rest of the bloggers friends as well. The geek that he is, put up a wiki and set the scene. We decided that we should not spam whole of pune but tell about the lunch only to close friends and the bloggers that we met at the last meet. Priyank arranged the venue and we were all set.

The lunch was good and the high point was meeting everyone. Among them were some of the best bloggers of Pune. Though I got bit late, but was there on time for the lunch (gave another chance to Rohit for saying "Tarun is never late for the lunch").

Lets follow the rest of the events in the pics. As they say picture is worth thousand words and I have added few more.

Bloggers_Lunch_Pune_Tarun_Chandel_PicMeetu, Sumit and Prasoon.

Bloggers_Lunch_Pune_Tarun_Chandel_PicJasleen and Bhavya

Bloggers_Lunch_Pune_Tarun_Chandel_PicThe bunch of bloggers at the lunch for bloggers.

It was pleasure to meet Rohit (partner in this crime like most other), Priyank (arranged for the venue and lunch, always enthusiastic about implementing the ideas), Meetu (great movie reviewer and always fun to talk to... Meetu remember that you have promised me a tea for the next time), Bhavya (great girl, loves to do a lot of things. Got to know that she is an excellent driver just like most other girls :)), Sumit (the best photographer and loves sharing his wisdom with others for example remove the lens cover before shooting.), Prasoon (got to meet him for the first time, nice guy), Sachin (met him for the first time but sounded like a very resourceful guy. If you are looking to go out for lunch or dinner contact him he can book a place for you anywhere is Pune), Pramila (met her first at the blogcamp pune last year she was with Purplenova then, now she is with ITVidya. Always a pleasure to meet her.), Harsha (this dude is amazing, walked for 40 mins to come to the meet not only talks but lives a green life. This was probably our last meeting in Pune as he will be leaving Pune soon.), Krishna (met him for the first time, nice guy), Amit (he is a php pro. It is always a pleasure to meet him), Ramana (one of the latest person to join the blogging bandwagon. Very enthusiastic and keen to learn, wish you good luck for your blog journey sir), Jasleen (works for Great foundation) , Krity (is the one who designed the blogcamp mumbai style logo, she is always ready to help us with designs. Very nice girl.) and Isha (met her for the first time, she is Krity's sister). Looking forward to more such fun meetings.

For rest of the pics please visit my picasa album.
Visit Priyank's blog for details about the meet.

Tarun Chandel
Barcamp Pune Team

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