Saturday, February 24, 2007

A wiki book on unconferences

The more I think about the concept of unconferences, the more I like it. Unconferences are the most fertile ground for learning. Maybe not traditional learning, but what I call kickstart learning. A learner gets a kickstart onto concepts which he may want to explore in-depth later. And off course no one prevents users from having in-depth discussions in an unconference either.

It's an awesome way to do a conference because no one can monopolize it. If participants do not find a speaker engaging, they can simply move on to another track. Most important, everyone can (and must) contribute. If you have something nice to share with the world, well ... you can just go ahead and talk about it at a barcamp. You do not have to get invited to speak.

So I am really glad that someone has come up with the idea of writing a book on unconferences in the true spirit of the word. The book will be a wiki book... written by many contributing authors over a period of some months. I will definetely contribute the best I can.

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