Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Idea for Blogcamp Pune Contribution

Well, it looks like there's someone else besides Tarun here....me.
Just kidding ! I know everyone's in the heat of the Blogcamp buzz,
and that's
obvious from the screencast and pics emerging slowly
but surely.

At the first mention of the Camp, my initial reaction was, I would
contribute by sending in a short post, which would then be read
to the Camp attendees by a blogger who is well-spoken (here
meaning clear enunciation and pronunciation). That idea still sounds
viable to me but only if there exists a blogger with nothing of his/her
own to say who is willing to mouth my words.

Can such a blogger exist ? I believe so, but if you don't, Punekars,
try this: create a Post that you would like to be read in public by your
favourite speaker/actor. Read it aloud as they would. Do you like what
you hear ? If you do, then you have created something valuable that you
can share with others at Blogcamp Pune.

e-mail : frdmill.2005(at)blogger(dot)com