Saturday, May 19, 2007

Intentention of Blogcamp Pune

I have had a good time while talking to prospective sponsors about the Blogcamp Pune. I rarely had to explain them what Blogcamp Pune is about as most of them already are aware of the concept of Unconferences, Barcamps and Open Spaces. But recently I was talking to one of the executive of an internet company and he asked me "what is your intention behind doing this?"

Let me try to explain the intention behind Blogcamp Pune and may be the readers will add their own views as well through comments. Intention of Blogcamp Pune is to be an unconference to the core. We want it to be a platform where a lot of Bloggers come together discuss, debate and networks which will lead to some positive actions. That's it nothing more and nothing less.

Some points that I think we should clarify and everyone should be aware of:
  1. No one is making money out of Blogcamp Pune. NO ONE.
  2. We are not seeking sponsors just for their money, we have made this clear from very start that sponsor us if it makes sense to your business not as a favor to us.
  3. We will declare our all expenses. It's an open event.
  4. We are NOT trying to guide Bloggers or Blogosphere, I think no one can. Community finds it's own path and we are part of the community.
Our focus is on having good discussions, learn things from fellow bloggers, share our experiences with them, get to know a lot more interesting people. All the other will get sorted out themselves, that's the power of unconf. So the people who really want to sponsor will come forward and sponsor, it's a chance for them to be associated with something of pure intent and I think that's a big ROI.

I have been to Big Conferences where companies keep pitching about their product at ever possible second, but how much of it all lead to real business or brand enhancement. I don't remember anyone saying I went to a "XYZ" conf so I am going for their solutions or products. Rather people complain about the constant annoying pitches they had to face. It's up to the sponsors to build their own ROI at unconfs and I think it tends to be much more than confs. Rest is upto the sponsors, we have made our intentions very clear.