Sunday, May 13, 2007

Invitation Accepted

Dear Tarun :
Happy Mother's Day !

thank you for inviting me to contribute to this Blog.
It will be my pleasure to offer my thoughts on
occasion, although my background is of a literary
nature and not technical. In fact, I am not in the least
bit technically schooled, and every bit of my computer
knowledge is a happy accident.

You are probably aware that I have volunteered my
services to Blogcamp Pune via the Wiki, even though
I am based in
Texas, USA. So what can one offer that might
the overall Blogcamp experience when one is so far
removed physically ? Certainly not a progress report
from the city where said Blogcamp is about to occur.
Photos, perhaps ? I tried that by posting an invitation to
the wonderful Pune FlickrBugs Group to which I received no
response. Why are people so apathetic in posting and
commenting in the Blogsphere ?
Questions like these have arisen in my mind since I first
learnt of the camp, but I have been too busy laboring
over my own Blog called Virtual Poona.

I posted a couple of comments here regarding the lack of
updates for those who came searching for the Camp news
and then realized that there are some brilliant individuals
involved in the organization of the Camp who also happen to
be persons who have to utilize that brilliance full-time in the
service of their employers, leaving little time for personal
blogging activities. Nevertheless, to leave a blog frequently
unattended is, in my opinion a reflection of the Blog Owner's
lack of commitment to the Blog AND its readers.

Google and Blogger claim to offer 'Push-Button Publishing'.
Well, here's something for the Blogcamp Pune to work on and
present to the Blogsphere.. If time does not permit new posts, there
needs to be a universal 'away on vacation' or 'under construction'
Blog app/ option that can be acessed by the blogger via a single
click. Nothing radically new, something that already exists in e-mail
apps like Yahoo. All we are offered is a 'Delete this Blog ?' option

Until this suggestion becomes a reality or until someone
sends in a link to show that it already exists, may I offer
something simple along these lines that you should religiously
Cut and Paste (as a New Post) into your Blogs :

>Thanks for visiting, and sincere apologies for the tardy
updates. We'll be back real soon ! >

There. Now you've shown respect for your readers and done it
with class ! Don't you feel better ?