Monday, May 28, 2007

Blogcamp Promotion Pics (Part 5)

Here is an interesting pic from Soham. Put it on your blog, or mail it to your friends to spread word about Blogcamp Pune in a fun manner.

More such interesting pics coming soon, thanks to generous photographers like Soham.

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Screencast on OpenId

I came accross a very good screencast on OpenId. You can check it out here.

Even though OpenId is not directly related to blogging, there are many uses of OpenId for bloggers. Using OpenId, bloggers can claim the comments they post on other's blogs. OpenId also helps blog authors to know that a comment did indeed come from the person who claims to be the commenter.

A good screencast for including in our BlogCamp.

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... and here are the Sponsors

Blogcamp Pune feels proud to present our Sponsors (finalized so far).

Venue Sponsor:


Platinum Sponsors:

Sulekha Rediff

Gold Sponsors:

Better Labs SMS GupShup

To know our sponsors better visit the BlogCamp Pune Sponsors page.

We need Rs 100,000 for the event and we have raised Rs 60,000 so far thanks to our sponsors. We are still looking for a few more sponsors to raise Rs 40,000 more. If you are interested in sponsoring the Blogcamp Pune please take a look at our Sponsorship Guide.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blogcamp Promotion Pics (Part 4)

Here are some interesting pics from Stephanie. Put them on your blog, or mail them to your friends to spread word about Blogcamp Pune in a fun manner.

More such interesting pics coming soon, thanks to generous photographers like Stephanie.

Promotional Pics for Blogcamp Pune Series:
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Part 2

Ganesh on blogging

Swajana has captured Ganesh, one of our teammate for Blogcamp Pune, talking about blogs and blogosphere.

Thanks to Swajana, Hitesh and Freeman.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Blogcamp Promotion Pics (Part 3)

Here comes the Part 3 of our series of Promotional Pics for Blogcamp Pune. Here are some interesting pics from Sunand. Put them on your blog, or mail them to your friends to spread word about Blogcamp Pune in a fun manner.

More such interesting pics coming soon, thanks to generous photographers like Sunand.

Promotional Pics for Blogcamp Pune Series:
Part 1
Part 2

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The ball is rolling

This is what I read today morning.

DNA (Mumbai) covered an intro about Blogcamp Pune, thanks to Riddhi Doshi of DNA for taking efforts to cover Blogcamp Pune.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Idea for Blogcamp Pune Contribution

Well, it looks like there's someone else besides Tarun
Just kidding ! I know everyone's in the heat of the Blogcamp buzz,
and that's
obvious from the screencast and pics emerging slowly
but surely.

At the first mention of the Camp, my initial reaction was, I would
contribute by sending in a short post, which would then be read
to the Camp attendees by a blogger who is well-spoken (here
meaning clear enunciation and pronunciation). That idea still sounds
viable to me but only if there exists a blogger with nothing of his/her
own to say who is willing to mouth my words.

Can such a blogger exist ? I believe so, but if you don't, Punekars,
try this: create a Post that you would like to be read in public by your
favourite speaker/actor. Read it aloud as they would. Do you like what
you hear ? If you do, then you have created something valuable that you
can share with others at Blogcamp Pune.

e-mail : frdmill.2005(at)blogger(dot)com


Monday, May 21, 2007

Blogcamp Promotion Pics (Part 2)

Going forward with our series of Promotional Pics for Blogcamp Pune. Here are some interesting pics from Veeresh Malik. Put them on your blog, or mail them to your friends to spread word about Blogcamp Pune in a fun manner.

More such interesting pics coming soon, thanks to generous photographers like Veeresh Malik.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Screencast on sense making in the blogosphere

I came accross a very good screencast by Jon Udel, on how he consumes his blog feeds and makes sense of all this information using social bookmarking.

I recommend adding this screencast to our playlist for BlogCampPune. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blogcamp Pune Video

Freeman and Hitesh had come to the Kick Start meet of Blogcamp Pune. They shot a small video about the Blogcamp Pune.
Here is a video of Blogcamp Pune.
Thanks to Swajana, Techsutra, Ajay, Hitesh and Freeman.

Blogcamp Promotion Pics

Take a look at some of the promotional pics for Blogcamp Pune. You can put these on your Blog or mail them to your friends and this will help us in spreading word about the Blogcamp Pune.

Thanks to Yash for letting us use his photographs.

I will be posting more such interesting pics from more interesting and generous photographers like Yash. Keep a tab on this blog.

Intentention of Blogcamp Pune

I have had a good time while talking to prospective sponsors about the Blogcamp Pune. I rarely had to explain them what Blogcamp Pune is about as most of them already are aware of the concept of Unconferences, Barcamps and Open Spaces. But recently I was talking to one of the executive of an internet company and he asked me "what is your intention behind doing this?"

Let me try to explain the intention behind Blogcamp Pune and may be the readers will add their own views as well through comments. Intention of Blogcamp Pune is to be an unconference to the core. We want it to be a platform where a lot of Bloggers come together discuss, debate and networks which will lead to some positive actions. That's it nothing more and nothing less.

Some points that I think we should clarify and everyone should be aware of:
  1. No one is making money out of Blogcamp Pune. NO ONE.
  2. We are not seeking sponsors just for their money, we have made this clear from very start that sponsor us if it makes sense to your business not as a favor to us.
  3. We will declare our all expenses. It's an open event.
  4. We are NOT trying to guide Bloggers or Blogosphere, I think no one can. Community finds it's own path and we are part of the community.
Our focus is on having good discussions, learn things from fellow bloggers, share our experiences with them, get to know a lot more interesting people. All the other will get sorted out themselves, that's the power of unconf. So the people who really want to sponsor will come forward and sponsor, it's a chance for them to be associated with something of pure intent and I think that's a big ROI.

I have been to Big Conferences where companies keep pitching about their product at ever possible second, but how much of it all lead to real business or brand enhancement. I don't remember anyone saying I went to a "XYZ" conf so I am going for their solutions or products. Rather people complain about the constant annoying pitches they had to face. It's up to the sponsors to build their own ROI at unconfs and I think it tends to be much more than confs. Rest is upto the sponsors, we have made our intentions very clear.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Kickstart!

So the kickstart meeting of BlogCamp Pune, which I was eagerly waiting, is done.Incidentally, it also happened to be the last meeting before the actual event on 16th June - so I have been informed. Who cares for physical meets, when you have Wiki's and mobiles and mobile blogs and web blogs?

I was looking forward to the kickstart meeting for 2 reasons - to meet some young minds and to be part of an exciting endeavor. Well - first is definitely satisfied. There were these great techies who also blogged. Second reason
that I would be able to be a part of an exciting affair is however still unquenched. The reason I am trying to tell myself is that 'It is a BarCamp, so you need not organise. Just be there.' It seems sounds interesting...It is a chance for me to experience a true UnConference in Pune.

To turn to basics and to blogging, the eternal question - Why do we blog?

-- Ganesh Kulkarni

Monday, May 14, 2007

Screencasts for BlogCampPune

Among other things, an interesting idea that emerged in the kickstart meeting was that we should have a projector running to display blogging related screencasts through the day.

Wonderfull idea.

I have started searching for some introductory screencasts which can show people how to create a simple blog with freely available tools, how to aggregate feeds, how to make comments, etc.

If you come accross a relevant screencast, please add it as a comment. Can I make a request please... do not recommend a screencast without actually viewing and evaluating it. The net is full of screencast links. I am hoping that the screencasts that get listed here are verified by the poster, so that we do not have to recheck them.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Invitation Accepted

Dear Tarun :
Happy Mother's Day !

thank you for inviting me to contribute to this Blog.
It will be my pleasure to offer my thoughts on
occasion, although my background is of a literary
nature and not technical. In fact, I am not in the least
bit technically schooled, and every bit of my computer
knowledge is a happy accident.

You are probably aware that I have volunteered my
services to Blogcamp Pune via the Wiki, even though
I am based in
Texas, USA. So what can one offer that might
the overall Blogcamp experience when one is so far
removed physically ? Certainly not a progress report
from the city where said Blogcamp is about to occur.
Photos, perhaps ? I tried that by posting an invitation to
the wonderful Pune FlickrBugs Group to which I received no
response. Why are people so apathetic in posting and
commenting in the Blogsphere ?
Questions like these have arisen in my mind since I first
learnt of the camp, but I have been too busy laboring
over my own Blog called Virtual Poona.

I posted a couple of comments here regarding the lack of
updates for those who came searching for the Camp news
and then realized that there are some brilliant individuals
involved in the organization of the Camp who also happen to
be persons who have to utilize that brilliance full-time in the
service of their employers, leaving little time for personal
blogging activities. Nevertheless, to leave a blog frequently
unattended is, in my opinion a reflection of the Blog Owner's
lack of commitment to the Blog AND its readers.

Google and Blogger claim to offer 'Push-Button Publishing'.
Well, here's something for the Blogcamp Pune to work on and
present to the Blogsphere.. If time does not permit new posts, there
needs to be a universal 'away on vacation' or 'under construction'
Blog app/ option that can be acessed by the blogger via a single
click. Nothing radically new, something that already exists in e-mail
apps like Yahoo. All we are offered is a 'Delete this Blog ?' option

Until this suggestion becomes a reality or until someone
sends in a link to show that it already exists, may I offer
something simple along these lines that you should religiously
Cut and Paste (as a New Post) into your Blogs :

>Thanks for visiting, and sincere apologies for the tardy
updates. We'll be back real soon ! >

There. Now you've shown respect for your readers and done it
with class ! Don't you feel better ?